About Us

Based in the heart of rural Somerset in the South West of England, Berkeley Chess is the brainchild of three experienced business professionals who all have a shared passion for chess. Baron Turner, Michael Lee and Peter Kingett formed the business in early 2017 to answer the growing demand for imaginative and functional gift products which can be supplied with ultra efficiency and flexibility at realistic prices.

The company encapsulates the best of British craft manufacturing combined with innovative designs and state of the art administrative support. The result is a business supplying the most comprehensive collection of decorative chess sets to the specialist gift sector, heritage retail, online operations and mail order markets.

Utilising traditional production techniques each chess set beautifully replicates the original sculptures, painstakingly created by talented artists. The exquisite detail of the design is brought to life by careful development of a silicon mould and a unique staining and polishing technique which emphasises the fine detail of the original figures. Each piece is then finished off with the application of a protective felt base and presented in beautiful yet practical packaging. The collection includes the iconic Isle of Lewis design together with a comprehensive range of historical subjects such as Egyptian, Roman, Medieval, Mandarin, Camelot, Victorian, Elizabethan and Scottish and English heritage. In addition the Movie Stars design depicts famous actors from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Chess is played by over 600 million people around the globe and the mission of Berkeley Chess is to provide the perfect gift solution to existing and aspiring players together with their friends and family. The collection offers excellent value with recommended retail prices ranging from £99.